90% confidence interval


For each question create a range that you are 90% confident contains the correct answer.

For example:

“How old is Kris?”

I’m 90% confident Kris is between 38 and 52 years old


1. What was APPL’s closing share price 1 year ago on Nov 16, 2022?

2. 2021 broke listed option volume records. How many contracts were traded in 252 trading days?

3. How many national team titles has Cal won in its history?

4. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, how much is $1 in 1890 worth today?

5. According to dead.net, how many shows did the Grateful dead play from 1965 until Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995?

6. Steph Curry holds the record for most consecutive free throws made. How many was it?

7. According to Google Scholar, how many citations does Cal alum Daniel Kahneman have?

8. According to the LV Convention and Visitors Authority how many hotel rooms are in Las Vegas as of 2022?

9. According to the Folger Shakespeare Library, how many words did Shakespeare officially write?

10. As of this past Sunday, Nov 12th, 2023, what is the market cap of Krispy Kreme stock?