About Me

About Me

Hi. I’m Kris.
I write a lot of words on the internet about options, trading, investing, education, parenting and above all thriving via better decisions. Designing a life that is rewarding, sustainable, and enables endurance which is the foundation of getting somewhere worth going to.
Besides being a compulsion, writing has been an unrivaled way to both “learn in public” and “find the others”.
Put on some tunes and stay while
Put on some tunes and stay while
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  • Made in Brooklyn, raised in NJ
  • Cornell alum (Econ)
  • Currently live in the Bay Area with my wife and kids


2000-2012: Floor Trader
Made option markets in various pits in NYC (AMEX, NYSE, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE/NYBOT)
  • 8 years with SIG
  • 4 years as founder of a market-making group
2012-2021: Hedge fund portfolio manager
Started and ran the commodity options business for Parallax Volatility Advisors in SF
2018-Today: A growing universe of Moontower projects 👇🏽
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  • Angel and emerging fund investments (including advisory)


I’ve given educational talks on options, decision-making, and investing at:
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